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August 19 2012

Haunted Disturbed (Female Drum Cover)

Female drummer

Watch a hardcore female drummer jam in the market to "Haunted" by Disturbed about the drums!

Drummers in music are similar to kickers in football, they may be rarely seen nevertheless they shine once the spotlight hits them. A lot of people who enter into music wish to be leading man or the lead beginner guitarist, that's fine but my music teacher always told me the girls swoon on the tenors but go home with all the baritones. Musicians have been in love making use of their instrument, it's even in the shape of a woman. Drummers certainly are a rare breed, sand down two pieces of wood and set them facing a drum kit and so they go Gonzo.

There have been some memorable drummers through the years, John Bonham from Led Zeppelin, Neil Pert from Rush, Tommy Lee from Motley Crue, their email list is short but without those guys smashing their sticks every evening those bands would not be who they really are today. They maintain the beat and also you can't deny their thunderous impact on music.

Since drummers typically set in the rear they are usually overlooked but that shouldn't be the case, many who have twirled sticks as a living be aware of importance of a solid beat. Drum majors to hard rock drummers understand that the rear bone of any rhythm section is located by turning around to determine who is beating the crud out of their set. To deny a real drummer his calling is like taking air using their lungs.

Many people might think that drummers certainly are a dime a dozen however it takes real talent and also hardwearing . four limbs in perfect timing. Music is changing constantly and today's drummer needs to practically run while seated. Those guys are in better shape than the majority of us and when they provide a drum solo during a concert the crowds see the power of the prowess.

When little kids say they would like to be considered a drummer many parent cringe and provide up an alternative such as a band instrument. It might suffice for a time but soon you're parking inside the driveway so junior may take his musical direction into aggression.

Sure, the ladies think your guitar player is a lot more talented as well as the lead singer wants them total one other girls but it's the drummer who is able to pound his set into dust yet still find time for you to sign autographs. Drummers don't just maintain the beat; they keep the band synchronized.

Female drummer

Some other drummers who needs to be noted are Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater and Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. They can play drums and sing, this is definitely talent. Don Henley and Phil Collins transferred to the leading when their multiple talents put together. Needless to say to be a real drummer you should be in a position to twirl your sticks in both hands upon request.
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